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Warranty provisions - THE CHANNEL TO BUY INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT AND CIVIL ENGINEERING is one of the leading channels for providing the leading online and industrial equipment in Vietnam.

A prestigious, quality shopping: We always provide new products, genuine with full quality inspection papers.

A convenient place to shop: Along with technological development, online shopping is easy. Because it does not take too long for people to choose their favorite product. From comparing products of the same type to the products of different website.

A safe place to buy: You can pick up and then pay for COD delivery.

With the motto of operation:

"You need us always"
Mission: Delivering a cutting-edge technology for every customer from the civilian to the least technologically savvy. - Opportunities for retailers and manufacturers to expand their markets, create a healthy development environment, promote the development of the economy, contribute to the rich strong of the country.

Spro aims to be a market leader in the field of industrial and residential equipment.

We provide over 2000 quality products that have been marketed. is committed to quality products and best service. For the sake of simplicity, we have the "Understanding" staff.

We sell 100% of our products and understand it. Customers can come to Spro to choose the product that they want to always have peace of mind, as well as the best service.

We provide genuine products with genuine prices ... Our staff are ready to help you, advise you the best products in the market on the market today with the cheapest.

Delivery in the country, installation instructions at home ... warranty in accordance with the company or the company.

What products does offer?

  • Equipment for car care, motorbike
  • Choose a set of car wash equipment, interior care, polishing tire, glass, carpet washing machine, vacuum cleaner, carpet drying ...
  • High-pressure washers imported genuine - help to wash cars faster, thereby saving costs, labor ...
  • Air compressors, compressed air equipment, types of gas from 2hp to 15hp with large containers from 90 to 500 liters ...
  • Car lifts for car wash, motorbike forklift ... High quality foam vases, snow foam chemicals
  • Compressed air tools - such as air compressors, bolt guns, screw guns, oil suction pumps, waste lubricant ....
  • Industrial shortage - car vacuum, furniture, chairs ...
  • Equipment for repair of automobiles and motorcycles
  • Choose lifting, lifting, diagnostic equipment ... paint equipment, hydraulic equipment, maintenance equipment - repair, ch ...
  • Shell equipment - Choose products such as air compressor, shell removal machine, weighing machine .....
  • Equipment industry and auxiliary industry
  • Industrial Spray Cleaner - With high pressure, easy to clean floors, industrial machinery, construction vehicles, industrial garbage trucks.
  • High-grade compressors, screw compressors, piston, air dryer ...
  • Civil devices
  • Power tools - Drills, grinders, cutting machines, screwing machines, sawing machines, planers of strong brands such as bosch, makita, skil, maktec ...
  • Hand tools - kits, pliers, screws ..........
  • Mini pumps - Machines with small capacity, compact and easy to move ...

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